Prisna WordPress Translate: The ultimate translation plugin

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Prisna WordPress Translate

It is a user-friendly, highly customizable WordPress automatic translation plugin. It works making it simple to get started, but powerful enough to create highly customized translation setups.

  • With 2 layouts, 4 sizes and a set of colors adjustment settings, achieve the look that fits in your website
  • Use it as a widget, or just customize the position, the translation plugin can be placed anywhere!
  • Have questions or need help? Contact our highly qualified support centre and get your answers right away
  • Increase your traffic and become more popular in different tongues with just a couple of clicks
  • Select what languages to display depending on your visitor’s device screen resolution
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Prisna WordPress Translation Plugin

Translate everything

Pages, posts, comments, plugins, widgets, just everything! All the text content will be translated, no matter where does it come from nor how it’s being generated.

Hassle free

No more worries about translation ready themes and plugins, no more time wasted on manual translations. Prisna Translate Plugin works out of the box, in just a minute.

Cost effective

By a small fraction of the costs involved on manual translations, and other translation plugins (high consuming server resources), Prisna Translate Plugin is the best choice.